Contact Number: 1-800-397-3342
Customer Service Department Toll Free: 1-877-787-7186
Customer Service Department Direct: 1-404-728-8787

Expedia.com is a web based travel reservation website, millions of people visit this site every single day to plan trips, wether if it’s for business or pleasure, this service will help you get there. For example, you can use this service to find the best hotels at the lowest rates.

The service does not only operate in the United States, it also serves the following areas:

-United Kingdom


  1. I was pleased with the customer service provided by Expedia when I used the above number– very helpful.

  2. John Rosenthal says:

    I still have not received confirmation from United on my up coming flight. I purchase the round trip flight thru Expedia back on 2/15/15.

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